hey! it's Rin!
I'm just a student writing and reviewing because of my passion. I live in California and I am obsessed with my computer. I enjoy reading poetry (sometimes) and I am practically crazy for thinking that magic exists. I think I can write well, so I review just in case I crash and burn. This blog is a mix between book related subjects (reviews, etc.) and some non-related topics. Read and Enjoy.

On my free time I write, blog, eat, sleep, read, go on Youtube, or spend hours watching Netflix. I'm an American Horror Story Addict on the look for more shows to obsess about. I hate the summer, but I absolutely adore the winter. Even after so many years, I still can't decide whether I want to be a mermaid or a witch. I'm weird, but downright happy with the way my life has turned out. My favorite subject is English and my favorite color is midnight blue. Admiring beautiful pictures is a good pastime. My computer's name is Noah and I am in a very deep and serious relationship with him (seriously, but jk too).
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her personal writing blog, Rino Monster

my name's al!
Hi, I am a student and I like to read, exercise, and travel. I absolutely love animals! My favorite animals would be dogs and horses.

I really like books and I am in love with the Selection series so I would definitely recommend that series to anyone. I would also say that Red Queen is one of my favorites.

My favorite subject in school is Language arts and I think it's really fun to learn new things and I enjoy the fact that everyday I can learn something new. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate (no, I didn't copy you, Rin!).
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