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All reviews that are posted on this blog are 100% honest and spoiler free. We are happy to accept requests to review book titles that are sent to us by you. The form of books we will accept include physical copiese-books, and physical and digital copies of ARCS. PDF and Kindle (mobi) files will be accepted as forms of formats. Please note that we do not accept self published books. 

We accept various genres within Young Adult. The main genres that we accept are DystopianFantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Science Fiction, and Paranormal. We will also accept requests for graphic novels/comic books. However, if we are not interested in the book that was requested, we may email you back and offer you other options (Guest Post, Interview, etc.).

We will answer you within the same week the request has been sent. If by whatever means we do not answer back to you with a confirmation or a declination, please try contacting us again. Ways to get in contact are listed on this page down below!

We will try our very best to read and review the book as soon as we can. Reviews are typically posted on Fridays and Mondays. If you need a review up by a certain date/release date, please inform us in the request.

All reviews posted on this blog are also cross posted onto Goodreads and Amazon.

If you want to contact a specific blogger, please check the contact instructions down below! Thank you!

Blogger Preferences

Rin WILL Read:
- Fantasy
- Dystopia
- Romance
- Science Fiction
- Contemporary 
- Horror/Suspense/Thriller
- Historical Fiction (a few exceptions)

Al WILL Read:
- Romance
- Dystopia
- Fantasy
- Comedy  

We Will NOT Read:
- Non-fiction
- Autobiographies & Biographies
- Erotica
- Poetry
- Short Stories & Novellas 

All Our Reviews Contain:

- Book Cover
- Synopsis (Blurb)
- Goodreads & Amazon Links
- Publishing/Book Details
- A Star Rating (out of 5)

Optional, Can be Requested:

- Author Bio (Including Picture)
- Author Social Media Links
- Promotional Items

What to Include in Request:

- Title of the Book 
- Synopsis (Blurb)
- Author's Full Name 
- Book's Link to Goodreads
- Any other additional information about the book that the blogger may need to know

Contact Us!

Click on a specific box for general contact or contact/information for guest posting.

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