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Under Covers is open to working with other bloggers/readers and authors to help promote their blogs and books. If you are an author and are looking to promote your book, please submit a request after reading our review policy and contact us through our contact page.

If you want to guest post, please make sure that the topics are related to young adult. Contact us with a request, and we will get back to you within 5 days to further go over the guest post and confirm that you will be guest posting. Note that the post does not have to be completed until your request has been confirmed and your date has been set. 

Discussion posts and reviews are open for guest posting. If you have an idea, please mention it in your request. If you wish to post an original piece of writing, we ask that you write a short story that is under the word limit of 4,000 words and follows the rest of the guidelines that are listed below.

Be as creative as you want! We'd be happy to help you come up with an idea if you do not have one in mind. We ask that you keep posts (including graphics) near PG-13 and refrain from posting anything highly inappropriate. 

Once all the information above is complete, we will go over some available dates. We ask that once your posting date is set that you send us all the needed content (Graphics, links, etc.) at least 3 days before your assigned date. Once they are sent in, we will format the post and post it. If your post includes graphics please provide the link of the source unless they were created by you. 

- We ask that you include a short 3-5 sentence profile complete with a square picture.
- Please do not cross post onto any other blog. Cross posting onto Amazon, B&N, Goodreads is fine.
- If by any reason we do not get back to you, feel free to contact us again and bug us :)


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