Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: I Am Her Revenge by Meredith Moore

Friday, October 16, 2015
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title: I Am Her Revenge 
author: Meredith Moore
publisher: Razorbill
genre: Young Adult | Contemporary | Mystery | Thriller | Romance 
publication date: 7 April 2015

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She can be anyone you want her to be. 
Vivian was raised with one purpose in life: to exact revenge on behalf of her mother. Manipulative and cruel, Mother has deprived Vivian not only of a childhood, but of an original identity. With an endless arsenal of enticing personalities at her disposal, Vivian is a veritable weapon of deception. 

And she can destroy anyone. 

When it’s time to strike, she enrolls in a boarding school on the English moors, where she will zero in on her target: sweet and innocent Ben, the son of the man who broke Mother’s heart twenty years ago. 

Anyone… except for the woman who created her. 

With every secret she uncovers, Vivian comes one step closer to learning who she really is. But the more she learns about herself, the more dangerous this cat and mouse game becomes. Because Mother will stop at nothing to make sure the truth dies with her.

I thought long and hard about this book. It was against the points that yes, I very much indeed enjoyed this. I enjoyed it a lot. I thought about the characters, the plot, the overall story, and I finally decided that logic put aside I LOVE THIS BOOK. I read for diversity, not for the same story with the same build, but for new unique reads that cross my path from time to time. 

In my perspective, I saw Vivian as a doll. She is controlled and manipulated to look, see, and think about the world in a different view. Reading from a point of view of someone who is clearly manipulated and molded into something that she may be not was interesting. I saw her point of view on everything she did and just how messed up in the head her "mother" really is. Though, "messed up" is taken to another level in this one. I love how Vivian can change herself in a way where she can get what she wants. And what she wants is what she is going to get. She is a built machine with different personalities and different mindsets. In my not-so-eloquent words, she was a total badass. 

Vivian. Good and bad? How does it feel like to read characters who are villains, but love it? I'm not always the "hero" type of person as I do love evil and darkness equally as much as I love light. After her mother got her heart broken, she sends her daughter to avenge her (or do her dirty work). I was actually very impressed, given the fact that her plan was SO PERFECT (Credit to the author for such an amazing job)! Who has such a well planned out plan that actually works out the way they were expecting it to? It was such a spot on plan that wasn't predictable or overused. 

I Am Her Revenge is a mind game and a mind mystery. There were times when I thought I knew exactly what was happening, but later on felt as if I was clueless after actually finding out the truth. It played with my mind a bit. I saw love and I saw growth, but (without spoiling anything) who knows? All the feelings that it made me feel may be part of the game. You know those small little details that actually play a big part in the whole idea? Yeah. 

The writing style was wonderful to read. It was an atmosphere where I could sit for hours on end and read this book. If you've been around for a while, you would know that I don't really connect that well with contemporary. But, this book passed my expectations. 

Maybe it was the heartbreak? The sadness? All of it combined that left me in this place where there is a possibility that it would be hard to find another book that was so different from the other books that I normally read that I will never forget about it. Plus, the name choices were very new (beautiful names make me very happy). 


Am I crazy? Naw. 

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