Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #4: 10 Wishes We Would Ask The Book Genie To Grant Us

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
[ It's Rin and Al Here! ]

Top Ten Tuesday is a Weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

ten wishes we'd ask the book genie to grant us
(assuming that the genie doesn't decide to run away and hide after we're done with him)

 r i n ' s   p i c k s 

1. Rebel Spring. How many times did I say I needed Rebel Spring (#2) by Morgan Rhodes to live, breathe, and survive on this planet we call Earth? Way too many times. And how many times did I say that I would buy it? Enough times to count on both hands. Did I get it? No. (Oh Rin, your blogger personal is very disappointed in you).

(Gif is Borrowed from the Web)
I guess my only comeback to salvage my ego is the fact that there is no spaces in hashtags. In your face Rin the Blogger!

2. These awesome bookshelves. *Le Sigh* Is this ever going to happen? I barely have any space for a second bookshelf in the room that I do own, and now I'm looking at aesthetically beautiful shelves that will never happen until I actually buy my own house. Which is going to take years

In the mean time, I'll just bask in the goodness of photography and dream about things I can never have...

(Pics are Borrowed from the Web)

3. Bellamy Blake (The 100) and Noah Shaw (The Mara Dyer Trilogy). 

(Gif is Borrowed form the Web)
No, I'm not bluffing. Bellamy is dreamy and lovable. Noah just makes me extremely happy and giddy. Now put them together and what do you get?

Really obsessive fangirling and uncontrollable giggling.  

(Gif is Borrowed from the Web)
If they don't decide to change their name and move to another country after meeting me, then YES YES YES, GIVE ME THEM! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

4. For Katie Alender and Madeline Roux to write a book together. They are both amazing authors within the horror genre. Just think about it. Would it be a mix plot of Katie Alender and Madeline Roux with the wonders of pictures along the way to make it 10x creepier than it already is. 

OMG Just think about it!!! It would scare the bloody shit out of me! 

Yes, that's a good thing ;)

5. For books to be sold in packs of Hardcover and Softcover. This would literally change my life. Imagine if all books were sold in packs of Hardcover and Softcover! Then I wouldn't have to stand in Barnes&Noble analyzing both of them and trying to pick which version I liked better! I wouldn't have a choice! Of course, too make life easier, I would hope that the second book would be half price *wink* *wink* (I would make the emoji face, but this was fun).

 a l ' s   p i c k s 

6. For all books to be army grade protection. I want all books to be army grade protected because I am a clumsily person and I might do something very bad to my books which I hate to do to the babies. 

7. I want all books to come with author autographs. I would want them to this because I feel honored if an author signs my book but that is just my thing. 

8. I wish that whenever I think of a book that I want to read it would just magically appear. I always want to read so many things, but I never have the time to go get all the books so I wish that they would magically appear on my desk. 
(Gif is Borrowed from the Web)
9. I wish that all guys were like the guys in the books. The guys in the books are always so perfect but in real life they really are much different than in the books (no offense to the guys). The my life would be like a fairytale. Can you hear my sighs?

10. I wish that I can go to a convention where all my favorite authors are. I love books but I also don't know a lot of authors but when I do know some I liked to meet them in person because that would be fun and interesting. 

(Gif is Borrowed form the Web)
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